Sunday, August 02, 2015

legal help needed- mail destruction

 Ron  got a notice of non delivery from the mail department at his prison. They did not tell him what the mail was or from whom except to name the document number. They destroyed the mail :no due process- . This needs to be pursued. Even a littel dent here in this case would make a big differnce.

Mail tampering is  happening throughout the system and there is no accountability. We have evidence that some prisons are  just "disappearing" the mail they do not like and it is becoming frequent that only through a third party do we learn that mail was sent at all.In two prisons our newsletter was not delivered to prisoners until two months after delivery to the prison- no notice , no explanation, and only after repeated complaints was it delivered at all.

Here is Ron's complaint to the prison:
complaint on PDF

If you would like to help in this matter, contact 608-536-3993

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