Monday, December 04, 2006

Ron's Parole Placement Request Denied

Ron Schilling has a detailed parole plan which includes living with a long time friend, David Jensen, in Oshkosh. Below is the letter from Mr Jensen and the Parole investigation report denying the request.

27 Lake Street, Oshkosh, WI. 54901
July 13,2006

Dear Wisconsin Parole Commission,

This letter is in regard to Mr. Ronald Schilling and his forth coming Parole Hearing.
I am writing to inform you and verify that Mr. Schilling has a place of residence with me at the address listed above.
It is equally important that the Commission be aware I will also help Mr. Schilling with food, clothing, and transportation to help him make his scheduled Parole Officer Meetings, as well as help him get to various local businesses to apply for work

I have been in business since 1992 and I intend to put Mr. Schilling to work for my business at least on a part time basis until he can find suitable work at a wage that can sustain him.

I have known Mr. Schilling since 1977 and am fully aware of his situation. I will do everything I possibly can to help him become a productive member of society and give him the support most men need when moving from an institutional setting to living in a free society. Over the years I have seen Ron go through and make many positive changes and hope that you will seriously consider him for release.

Thank you for your time and concern in this matter.
David Jensen

2) scanned from Document called "Pre Parole Investigation"
see item under " comments" for reason for denial of request.

DCC Beaver Dam
Division of Community Corrections DOC-7E (Rev. 11/97)

OFFENDER NAME Ronald S Schilling.
PROPOSED RESIDENCE 27 Lake Street; Oshkosh, WI54901 ; alternative plan: Grand View Motel If needed: 1808 N. Center St. (DOC contracted rooms)

PROPOSED JOB: A-l Mobile Transport
If unable to obtain immediate employment with A-l Mobile Transportation, he will be required to complete a Job Search log each week. This includes contacting a minimum of 9 potential employers and completing needed paperwork. Will fill out application at Personal Resources and Qualitemps in Beaver Dam for potential full-time employment.

If Mr. Schilling is in need of support with AOD issues or with mental health issues, he will be referred to Dodge County Human Services.

Should report to the Human Services Department located at 143 E. Center St. in Juneau where he can apply for food stamps and help with transportation.
No known issues. No known warrants pending.

1.) no contact with Thomas Stanton or Robert Zelenka.
2)Not be in or around the Sun Prairie/Madison area without Agent approval.
3)) Absolute sobriety. No bars, taverns, or liquor stores.

Mr. Shilling proposed to live with David P. Jensen, the owner of A-l Mobile Transport, who lives in Oshkosh. A residence check was completed by an agent from that region and was denied due to Mr. Shilling and Mr. Jensen only knowing each other from being cell mates while in the institution. The agent had concerns with the fact that Mr. Jensen had not gone to the institution to visit with Mr. Shilling, and that they only had contact through writing letters to each other. This was the agent's only concern with the proposed residence and employment.

As far as this agent is aware .Mr. Schilling does not have any other support, as far as family or friends, in this area that may be utilized for help with a residence or employment.

If needed, obtain WI ID and Social Security Card.
date submitted 10-16-06

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