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OCT 06 To Parole Agent Jeff Moylan on denial of parole placement request

27 October 2006

Agent Jeff Moylan
Probation and Parole Office
Box 517
Beaver Dan., WI 53916-0517

Re: PPI revaluation

Dear Mr. Moylan:

I am in receipt of the DOC-7E form denying my pre-parole investigation, and have forwarded copies of same to my prison reform activist friends who have been tracking my progress through the system. I am writing to address concerns over the so-called facts relied upon when rendering the decision to deny said PPI. I believe the matter simply needs to be revisited in light of the true facts. I also have a few comments to make about the rest of the PPI

It is posited that Mr. Jensen and I only know one another "from being cell mates while in the institution," but this is factually not the case. Not only have we been conmunicating vast amounts of information over the years, but Mr. Jensen also knows my family, went to the last family reunion at my Sister's place in Madison with his late Wife, Debra, and my Son, Ronald, Jr. Moreover, my Son lived with Dave and Deb for nearly a decade. There is a history between Mr Jenson and I that goes well beyond prison. And since this was an obvious concern for the agent — and, indeed, the PPI "was denied due to" this alleged fact — I feel the PPI needs to be reassessed in light of these additional facts.

Much is made of the fact that Mr. Jensen has not yet visited me at the institution. What is that, really? That says absolutely nothing relative to my successful reintegration to the community, and is certainly not a sufficient basis for denying a placement in Oshkosh. What is more, we have actually been trying to have him put on my approved visiting list for some time. He was denied the first time because there was incomplete information on the visitor questionaire. Pointedly, where it asked if he had any prior felony convictions he merely wrote something like "yes, robbery 1977," and that he had been off of parole supervision for some time, etc. The social worker at Jackson denied the visiting form, saying he did not list all past offences. I pointed out on appeal that the form (at that time) did not ask for it like that. But the visiting request was denied nonetheless. Not long ago I sent Mr. Jensen yet another visiting form to fill out but I have no idea what the current status of that is. I have not received notice either way. Therefore, since "this was the agent's only concern with the proposed residence and employment I feel the matter should be reassessed in light of these facts, as well.

With regard to the- "conditions" mentioned in the PPI, firstly, it should be known that I have no desire to ever see or contact either of my co-defendants. We have absolutely nothing in common.

Secondly, I can fathom no valid reason why there would be any sort of restriction for traveling to the Sun Prairie and/or Madison area. Granted, my offence was in Dane County, but I attended UW-Madison and have family in Madison who are storing numerous boxes of my property and legal files. Please help me understand your rationale or concerns about my possibly travelling to these areas.

Thirdly, and finally, as regards sobriety, since 12 April 1965 I have maintained absolute sobriety, sans prescribed medications. I am totally and unequivocally anti-alcohol and anti-illicit drugs. I currently take prescription ibuprofen for joint pain, and Hydrochlcrothiazide for blood pressure, and don't even feel good about putting those foreign substances into my body. And I am personally repulsed by even the thought of going into a bar or tavern mainly because by and large they are filled with people lacking many of the commonest sensibilities. Bars and taverns hold no interest for me whatsoever. I appreciate my clarity of mind and am circumspect enough to know that being inebriate cannot be part of my future with all that I have to accomplish. It's as simple as that.

My prison reform activist friends are highly concerned — as am I — that despite offering more than adequate clean, sober and crime-free housing,employment, transportation, food, clothing, and all other necessities in Oshkosh, you would instead attenpt to have me reside in Beaver Dam. As I explained in our 06 July 2006 phone conversation, and as I feel compelled to again document herein, I do not know anyone in Beaver Dam, do not want to know anyone in Beaver Dam, and the only people who know me in Beaver Dam are the victim's relatives.

Everyone feels — as do I — that Beaver Dam is a totally inappropriate placement, not to mention the seriousness of the potentially dangerous ramifications which could possibly manifest. Since you have been made aware of it, you should be apprised of your own personal liability should something occur, like the victim's relatives coming at me with aggression in their hearts. Why would you want to force me into a situation like that? You sounded like a refreshingly decent Parole Agent when I spoke with you on the phone, and I thought you understood the potential seriousness of forcing me to move into that area. Friends have informed me that a search of the family tree geneology revealed the victim's relatives are scattered all over that area. And, so, I again suggest that Oshkosh would be a much more appropriate placement.

One last point here before closing. While I understand the need for some prisoners to require State-sponsored or DOC-contracted rooms at some motel, and food stanps, and such, I find it distasteful and an enormous waste for someone on my situation because I have no need for it. And I seriously hope it is not your intent to force me into such a detestable situation. Those resources would better be utilized for prisoners who genuinely need them. I have perfectly ample support for everything in Oshkosh.

In closing, I pray you will contact the agent in Oshkosh and reevaluate the matter with all due scrutiny through a more compassionate lens. I would appreciate having an approved PPI for my next parole review in December.

I thank you kindly for your continued attention and assistance with the above important matters.

Ron Schilling #332219
Oakhill Corr. Inst.
Box 938
Oregon, Wi 53575

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